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Thanks to the rapid changes in the current situation regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic in Europe, we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions that you may be interested in regarding the operation of our e-shop:

Does the Horsefeathers e-shop work during the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic?

  • Currently, our e-shop is fully functional, except for personal pick up at our shops in Pilsen and Prague. However, the situation is very dynamic; we will keep you updated about any further developments.

Does worldwide delivery still work?

  • Up-to-date information from all our carriers says that they are in full operation. Due to the rapid evolution of the situation; however, due to unforeseen circumstances, delivery times may be extended.

Do the delivery services have any restrictions?

  • The carrier DPD does not deliver to certain restricted areas / cities:
  • Austria: 6553 (See), 6555 (Kappl), 6561 (Ischgl), 6562 (Mathon), 6563 (Galtür), 6580 (St. Anton am Arlberg a Arlberg).
  • Italy: Check the restrictions here.

I have already made an order with a personal collection; can I change the method of delivery to home delivery?

  • If you have already placed an order with a personal pick up in our stores, we offer you the option to send it free of charge to your address. In this case, please wait for our Customer Service to contact you.
  • To minimize the possibility of infecting you or the carrier, we recommend using mainly online Credit card or PayPal payments.

Can I change my payment method from cash on delivery to online payment, etc.?

  • Yes, please contact our Customer Service for guidance on how to make the change.
  • In the current situation, we recommend using mainly online Credit card payment or PayPal to minimize contact with the carrier.

I want to claim a product purchased online in the e-shop. What should I do?

  • If you need to solve a claim for goods purchased online, follow the instructions in the Terms of Sale.

Is there a risk of contamination when the carrier delivers the goods?

  • There is no risk of contamination from the shipment itself. Within our warehouse, we have taken all necessary measures to protect both our customers and our employees. Also, the virus is not able to survive on the surface of a shipment for such a long time.
  • We recommend minimizing contact with the carrier or other people when picking up the shipment. Therefore, our recommendation is to make an online payment by Credit card or PayPal. Also, sending the package directly to your home. This avoids contact with other people at the pick-up points and minimizes the time required to deliver the shipment from the carrier. When handing over, we recommend the use of a suitable respirator or other face protection and thorough hand washing.

Have more questions? Please contact our Customer Service.